About me

Hi, I’m Victoria, an American girl who’s always jet-setting somewhere new! I was born in Maryland, moved to Colorado, then jumped around Europe for a while before ending up in Baltimore because I fell in love. I work in marketing and love living in downtown Baltimore but am always itching to plan my next adventure! I constantly get asked “how do you travel so much”, or “hey I am going to (insert literally anywhere), do you have any recommendations” and figured, might as well start a travel blog… it’s about time!

After 41 countries and 40 US states, I have spent most of my adult life traveling. I started as a student studying abroad, then decided heck I love studying abroad so much I should go back again for three times abroad. I then was an au pair for two summers in suburbs of Munich and Rome, worked as a barista on the beaches of Italy, moved to Berlin with a suitcase and a dream and ended up working in Florence for a travel company as a tour guide throughout Europe. In recent years I’ve headed even further and started to explore Asia and now plan as many trips a year as I have the PTO for and the cash to manage and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So here are my answers.

How do I travel so much?

Easy, I make it happen! I love points. Airline points, credit card points, hotel points, even coffee punch cards, if it has a points system, chances are I have figured out how to take advantage of it! I plan long weekends a lot. Late Thursday night through late Monday night give me three full days somewhere new. Every time I travel to Europe, I jam pack my trips and even have to plan time to relax but always come back refreshed and in love with it. Yes, the late / early flights get tiring, but I have found my perfect travel routine and it’s worked out beautifully for me! Working on travel tips and points blogs soon!

Do you have recommendations?

If I’ve been there, chances are I’ve already written a guide! If there’s anywhere you’re going that I’ve been and you want some insight into please reach out and I’d love to jot down some recommendations! I’ll keep adding posts as I visit new places and revisit memories and will always take requests!

Thanks for stopping by. Buon Viaggio!