Bucket List

I am always searching for the next amazing place to travel to. Having goals and checking things off lists is right up my alley so of course I have a bucket list! I follow along with Girls Love Travel, follow tons of travel bloggers on Instagram, and read travel blogs and magazines constantly to get more ideas of where to head off to next.


Maldives- Dying to stay on an overwater bungalow and wake up to those views!

Hawaii- Been all over the Caribbean and Mediterranean but have never made it to Hawaii!

Bora Bora- Same vibes as Maldives. Same price tag too though 😦

Puerto Rico- Another tropical place filled with colorful streets and gorgeous weather.

Coasta Rica- Looks like jungle paradise!

Tahiti- Dying to see these views and stay in the overwater bungalow! 🙂


Morocco- I have always wanted to see this gorgeous country and visit Casablanca!

Turkey- My dad lived here for a few years as a child and Istanbul is fascinating to me!

Russia- Would love to see a ballet in St. Petersburg and explore the gorgeous city of Moscow!

Dubai / UAE- Obsessed with Vegas, heard it’s Vegas on steroids, might be my favorite place.

Brazil- Wish I could have gone for the World Cup, but I am sure Rio on its own will be magical!

Vietnam- Street food, culture, vibrancy, need I say more?


Peru- Never been to South America so this is just one amazing stop on my list. Machu Picchu looks breathtaking!!

Iceland- I’ve had 6 layovers here, and never made it out of the airport… ready to finally see those Northern Lights!

Colombia- Ok, so I am not looking for the Narco’s experience, but definitely looking for the vibes of local Medellin.

Cuba- Looks like this one might be hard to get to soon, but those Havana vibes and vintage cards look amazing.

Israel- Rich with history and beautiful cities, I think it would be an amazing cultural experience!

Argentina- The food looks out of this world!

Northern Ireland- Ireland was one of my favorite places to drive around, so I’d love to make it to Northern Ireland. Might not understand the accents but will definitely love the pubs and views!

Japan- Had sushi in the Narita airport twice now, just need to make it throughout the country!


Costa Rica… Summer 2020!

Talking about all these amazing places makes me itching to travel!! Where are you dying to go?