48 Hours in Seminyak Beach, Bali

It feels so weird to be writing a travel blog in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic but I think when this is all over, everyone will be itching to travel and see the rest of the world and Bali is on the top of so many lists! We went to Bali on our honeymoon in January (was supposed to be March but we moved it earlier… thank goodness). We spent 3 nights in Ubud (blog coming soon!) and 2 nights and 3 full days in Seminyak Beach. There’s a reason people are obsessed with Bali and once we went, we were able to experience it first hand!

First off, Bali is an island in Indonesia. It’s the only island in the country that is primarily Hindu and because of that it is like an oasis. The art of handicrafts are everywhere with wood carvings, silver smiths, and furniture shops lining the streets. People are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. Also, due to their religion, every family who is Hindu has a personal temple. This means the country is FILLED with temples and the ornate beauty this provides is truly stunning.

Seminyak Beach is a party destination not far from the airport on the west coast of the island. Below I’ve laid out where to stay, where to eat & drink, some fun day trips/ excursions, and a few pro tips! If you’re heading to Bali and adding Seminyak to your list make sure to star a few of these spots on your google maps!

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach- this is where we stayed and is a little bit of a walk to the main center of everything in Seminyak. This massive resort has a few restaurants, tons of rooms, a gorgeous spa, a private pool with poolside food options and cocktail servers, and direct access to the beach. The rooms are updated, retro, and even come with fresh fruit and a fruit press so you can make juice! Every room has a bathtub on the balcony and there are rooms for tight budgets and private pool villas if you’re really looking to explore! We felt safe and loved our room and the private pool!
  • The Legian- if you have a ton of money and want to splurge, this is THE most luxurious hotel in Seminyak Beach!
  • Maca villas & spa- while it’s not on the beach, their rooms have private pools and the location is prime for restaurants and coffee shops!
  • These are just a few of the hotels we considered since we had a higher budget on our honeymoon for rooms but there are plenty of hostels and cheaper options right in the center of everything!

Where to eat & drink

There are TONS of options in Seminyak beach. Nightlife is crazy fun here, and restaurants have beautiful decor and food!

  • Potato Head Beach Club- I couldn’t write about Seminyak beach without mentioning this beach club. It’s massive entrance is gorgeous and gives you drama before you even step foot on the beach. There are DJs every night and tons of places to lounge. It’s pricy but definitely worth the visit
  • Motel Mexicola- another iconic spot in Seminyak. Bartenders get on tables and give out free tequila shots and the drinks and food are amazing. There’s no AC so come prepared to enjoy ice cold margaritas to make up for the heat. Also definitely get a reservation to avoid the wait! It’s such a fun vibe and 100% worth going to!
  • Grain- this food spot is closer to the southern end of Seminyak beach and has an amazing menu for brunch.
  • Bossman- looking for awesome burgers? this is the perfect spot!
  • Naughty Nuri’s- super famous in Bali for their ribs and BBQ. The original is in Ubud but there’s also a spot in Seminyak beach!
  • Kind Community & Cafe Organic- both have great vegetarian options and Instagram-worthy decor and food!
  • Revolver espresso & Coffee cartel- delicious picture-perfect espresso drinks

Best day trips

  • Uluwatu temple- this temple is on the southern most tip of Bali and is absolutely stunning. Sunset is super crowded there but worth it and they have a fire dancing show that is pretty incredible! Make sure to bring sunscreen and a hat if you go to the show!
  • Monkey forest- closer to Ubud you can always get a driver for an all day trip who will take you around Bali with the monkey forest as a top destination! Book in advance and let me know if you need a recommendation, we loved who we hired! The drive is far but the views and experience is 100% worth it!
  • Kuta beach- just south of Seminyak this beach is more quiet and serene
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park- the main massive statue in the park can be seen from the beach at Seminyak and it even more impressive in person!

Pro tips

  • You can walk! Seminyak Beach is super walkable. The beach itself is the perfect place to walk but there are also streets that run parallel to the beach that have tons of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Beware cars and scooters honk constantly at you to try and pick you up for a ride. It’s a little unsettling at first but you get used to it.
  • Solicitors on the beach- just an FYI there are solicitors that approach you on the public beaches. It’s not super fun but they are kind and harmless enough. One day we opted for the private pool and still enjoyed the sunshine!
  • See the sunset every day- the sunsets in Seminyak are magical. Every beach bar and restaurant have incredible spots to watch the sunset (some charge you for more prime locations or have a minimum order) but it’s worth it for these amazing views. If you have a towel and want to, you can just enjoy the views from the beach itself!
  • Bali belly- FYI this is a real thing. Be very careful about where you eat. Locals even get this stomach bug and it’s pretty horrible. Just make sure you eat in clean restaurants and know where your food is coming from and you should be in the clear!
  • English- almost everyone speaks English so getting around is fairly easy!

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