A Foodies Guide To Singapore

When my husband and I were picking where to go on our honeymoon, Singapore was not high on the list. After research and MANY flight checks we realized it would be the cheapest way to get to Asia if we went to Singapore first- so we decided, why not? We landed in Singapore in early January during their super warm season and right before Lunar New Year so the vibe was incredible. We knew this city was famous for the super tree grove, modern buildings, and having a million rules, but what we didn’t know is we would have some of the best meals of our entire trip right in this amazing city!

When deciding what to write about for Singapore, it was too much to combine food and travel tips so I started with my favorite- the foodie guide. Below are some of the highlights of where we ate but definitely not all the amazing places in Singapore to eat! Whether you’re looking for incredible cocktails and fancy meals or food halls and noodles to die for- Singapore has it all.

Where to drink

  1. Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel: No food blog would be complete without this iconic bar. Drinks are super pricey but it’s the home of the Singapore Sling, a super cool environment, and they give out free peanuts!
  2. Pan Pacific Lobby: cocktails are expensive in Singapore, so if you are going to splurge- do so in a really cool floating pod! The pan pacific lobby is gorgeous and features tables and seating pods atop water. Drinks are delicious and it’s a fun, central location for a delicious martini!
  3. LAVO rooftop bar: Atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel, LAVO features the best views in the city. Expensive drinks (but hey- they cost a lot everywhere) but they come with an amazing view AND you don’t have to pay to go up there if you’re heading up for a drink anyway!
  4. Group Therapy Coffee: because everyone needs a great coffee break (their eggs Benedict looks amazing too!)
  5. Selfie Coffee: So quirky but super cool. It’s exactly what it sounds like- take a selfie on their phone and voila- drink an ice cold latte with your face right on top! Also, the neighborhood is gorgeous and worth getting lost in for an hour or two!

Where to eat

  1. Wanton- Seng’s Noodle Bar: WOW these noodles are incredible!! The pork belly two ways is seriously to die for. Their lunch and dinner menus are super different and both have some awesome options so if you’re up to it, go twice!
  2. Chix Hot Chicken: We were craving a fried chicken sandwich and headed to Chix after a long morning at the zoo. Their chicken sandwich is delicious and we went with their recommendation- the soul slider- although everything that came from their kitchen looked mouth watering. Their outdoor space is also super cool with the amazing graffiti.
  3. LAVO: I know I mentioned it in drinks- but we also splurged for dinner here and their service was amazing and the chicken parmesan, Caesar salad, and pasta with vodka sauce were all absolutely delicious. Make sure to snag a reservation! They’re also famous for their champagne Sunday brunch that looks like a huge party with the best food around!
  4. Din Tai Fung: A chain throughout Asia with soup dumplings- every restaurant is perfectly planned with the most efficient service I’ve ever experienced. Their fried rice, soup dumplings, and fried wontons were all delicious! Their locations are literally all over the city, so no matter where you are you can enjoy delicious soup dumplings. **Make sure to ask how to eat the soup dumplings if you never have before to avoid burning your mouth 🙂
  5. Clinton Street Baking: Because we didn’t want a massive champagne brunch, I looked for an a la carte breakfast spot and landed on Clinton Street Baking Company. This small restaurant looks like a modern American diner and offers incredible coffee, the best pancakes, and traditional American breakfasts that leave you ready to go for the rest of the day! Locals and tourists alike hang here so it’s always busy- grab a reservation online to avoid any wait.
  6. Maxwell Food Center: I can’t mention food in Singapore without hitting on these hawker centers (food halls)! The Maxwell Food Center is pretty popular and even on the weekends over half of the stalls are open giving you tons of options. A good rule of thumb is if there’s a line it’s probably going to be good! The fresh juices, dumplings, and chicken rice are all not to be missed for the first timers.

Pro Tips

  • The weekends are pretty slow in Singapore as most locals head outside the city on Saturdays and Sundays. This means a lot of restaurants have shorter hours. But it also means a ton of happy hours are ALL DAY Saturday!
  • Reservations are key if you pick a fun fancy restaurant or bar!
  • Brunches are different. You can find maybe one or two restaurants with a normal a la carte menu, but for the most part, champagne brunch it is! These massive buffet brunches feature unlimited champagne and lobster with a price tag to match. We were shocked to see how many restaurants offered this and didn’t partake because of the cost, but if you’re a brunch fan then Singapore is for you!
  • OJ Machines (yes you heard that right) are everywhere! For only $2-3 you can get a freshly squeezed, ice cold orange juice that’s both refreshing and super fun to drink!

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