Mercato Centrale in Florence

The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Florence

When you think of Italy, for most people the first thing that comes to mind is food. Pizza, pasta, risotto, cheese, tomatoes, lemons, the list is endless and every flavor is distinct, fresh, and absolutely delicious! What makes Italy so unique is that each region has their own specialties like pesto from Genoa, and carbonara from Rome.

Florence is a small city in the heart of Italy that almost everyone has heard of because of its quaint streets, rich history in art and language, and gorgeous views of the Arno. But what Florence isn’t lacking… are amazing food options throughout the city! Here are some of my personal favorite places to dine when I head back to my favorite city in the world!


  • Gusta pizza (or try their lesser known “Riva D’Arno” which is the same owners, right on the river, and has the same great taste!)
  • Pizzeria O’Vesuvio (close to the center, great deals for amazing Margherita pizzas)
  • Mercato Centrale (the food hall upstairs is incredible!)


  • Osteria Santo Spirito (their truffle oil gnocchi is out of this world! sometimes hard to get a table so go during odd hours or call for a reservation!)
  • Zaza’s (great prices & amazing pasta dishes)
  • La Giostra (a fancy restaurant with phenomenal food)

Charcuterie & Cheese

  • Mercato Centrale (mentioned before but OMG is their burrata bruschetta incredible!)
  • Signorvino (charceuterie, amazing wine and a terrace on the river directly next to the Ponte Vecchio)
  • L’Osteria (right by Santa Croce and their charcuterie boards and wine on tiny tables outside make for the perfect way to spend an afternoon)


  • Amble (best cappuccino ever hidden near the Ponte Vecchio)
  • La Menagerie (pricy food but their coffee and vibe is amazing. Right by the leather market)
  • Ditta Artigianale (2 locations, great cappuccino, awesome breakfast)


Italy is known for its many festivals and Florence has some of the best! My personal favorites are the chocolate and gelato festivals but make sure to check out what’s going on when you’re there so you don’t miss anything!

Other Highlights

  • Antico Vinaio (always a line, INSANE panini, always locals)
  • Gelateria La Carraia (SOOO worth the walk!!)
  • Rinascente Terrace (it’s a department store in the Piazza della Repubblica. Go in and take the elevator to the top and there is a terrace overlooking the city. A bit pricy for a cappuccino but worth the view)
  • Westin Excelsior terrace (expensive but sunset with a cocktail here is dreamy)

You can’t go wrong in Florence with food and there are thousands of tiny restaurants pocketed away! Strike up a conversation with your server or barista and enjoy the peace and quiet of small streets and magic of busy piazzas!

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