The Ultimate Guide to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city nestled on the Adriatic Sea. If you approach it by car you are hit with a stunning view of the walled city as soon as you turn the bend bringing it to life. We chose to go to Montenegro and as we were researching the best way to get there, it seemed a flight into Dubrovnik and car rental was the most scenic, adventurous, and cost effective away, so we extended that trip to give us some time in this medieval city!

We only had 48 hours in Dubrovnik, but we made the most of every single minute! Here’s the ultimate guide to taking advantage of your time there!

Where to stay

Fancy: Hotel Excelsior! We were heading on a mini moon right after our wedding in Italy and were willing to splurge a bit. This hotel was a complete dream! The views were unreal, the pool deck was actually just a deck right on the sea with lounge chairs, cocktail servers, and ladders into the crystal blue Adriatic with a panoramic view of the city. Breakfast was included and was the most impressive buffet breakfast I’ve ever seen in Europe. Every meal we had there was excellent and of course the service matched! The hotel is perfectly located just a 5-minute walk from the city wall! If you’re looking for luxury, look no further! 

In the city: anywhere in the city walls is perfectly located. The city is completely walkable. Just keep in mind that driving isn’t allowed in the city so the further in you are, the further you need to walk with your luggage

Boutique Hotel Old Town: Also fancy like the Hotel Excelsior, but such a beautiful and unique hotel right in the heart of the old town! 

Where to eat & drink

Above 5: Michelin restaurant with a panoramic view of old town and only a handful of tables. Pro-tip: you have to reserve ahead, so do so for brunch and enjoy a meal that won’t break the bank like dinner and will provide killer views

Irish Pub Karaka: went with a few Irish friends who said it was great, that’s the best recommendation I could ever expect!

Glam Café: With an awesome location and the best selection of beers it’s the perfect place to duck in for a drink

La bodega: cute little wine bar 

Pizzeria Oliva: sit and enjoy a pie or grab a slice to go on the most awesome “to go” boxes ever!

Buza bar: legitimately on the cliffs of the city, such a cool spot nestled in for an amazing view of the sea 

Peppino’s Ice Cream: the gelato looks heavenly and our tour guide (born and raised in Dubrovnik) could not give it higher praise!

Culture Club Revelin: this nightclub is literally in a medieval fortress. Such an awesome place to dance the night away!

Banje Beach Club: spend the day at the beach here or come back for drinks and dancing, it’s right on the water so you can dance in the sand!

What to do

I have never tried Airbnb experiences until our trip to Dubrovnik and they were amazing!! We opted for a private boat ride to the islands and a Game of Thrones & Old Town walking tour and they were both excellent!

Our boat ride was private and included hours of fun, a guide who dove with us in the caves, and cold drinks all day! He picked us up right in the old town and we came back with a tan and a smile!

Our walking tour was led by a local who is super energetic and loves her city. Her tips were all amazing and her enthusiasm had everyone laughing!

Overall our trip to Dubrovnik was amazing! The old town is easy to walk, and the city is beautiful. It is a bit pricey than we expected to make sure to budget accordingly or opt for lots of slices of pizza (always a good option)! Enjoy your trip!

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